For the first time in history, we're training polymaths.

University Incubator Renaissance
Students create the content around them

“Students set goals and choose ambitious projects of their own design to support these goals. Projects and interests, not majors, determine coursework.”

We're building a university. A new and very different type of university, where students can learn any subject or combination of subjects. Where their work is guided by their own goals and interests, instead of canned majors. Where students work on changing the world even before they graduate - indeed, as part of the curriculum. Where graduates can return to again and again, to learn any skill at any time. Where student projects become highly unique career differentiators. Where leadership and creativity collide and produce thousands of innovative, polymathic thinkers.

We're building a startup incubator, for those who wish to use it. Students navigate the coursework through projects of their own design. Ambitious worldchanging projects, like “build a car that runs on water.” Like minds form collaborations, and before you know it, the foundation of the next billion dollar company is being built on your campus - several hundred times over. We could leave it at that, like virtually every other university in existence, but we go a step further: we'll help you launch the business, give you resources, and even grant academic credits for your entrepreneurial activity. Because the best way to train leaders... is to let them lead.

We're building a renaissance. There were always a handful of extraordinary individuals in an era. People like Einstein, Newton, Beethoven, Franklin. But what if they weren't so extraordinary? What if an entire generation were systematically trained and supported to achieve at that level? We envision a world of unlimited accomplishment, where students dare to dream and unlock their full potential.

And we invite you to join us.