Teaching Standards

Instructors are expected to:

  1. Organize a coherent lesson plan suitable in scope and clarity for a 10-lecture weekly course.
  2. Record 10 audio lectures with visual aids (e.g. slides + narration or video) on a weekly basis.
  3. Upload these to our courseware system (an account will be provided for this purpose).
  4. Answer all student inquiries which are relevant to the subject matter.
  5. Grade any assignments and examinations which are given and to otherwise provide students with feedback on their performance.

The hiring process vets instructors for:

  1. The ability to inspire and motivate students to learn the course subject and to become better people.
  2. Knowledge of both the subject they are teaching and the overall connections that knowledge has to other disciplines.
  3. The ability to formulate and communicate ideas clearly.
  4. The motivation and organization to devise a coherent lesson plan which produces measurable learning outcomes.